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CLS The Circuit
February 13, 2023
It’s called THE CIRCUIT and is administered by the British Heart Foundation in partnership with the National Ambulance Association, St. John’s Ambulance and the Resuscitation Council UK. The Circuit – the national defibrillator network provides a national overview of where defibrillators can be found. At the moment, many defibrillators never get used because emergency services don’t know where they are or how to access them. This can cost lives and that’s why this new infrastructure is so vital.

Tesco has become the UK’s first supermarket to begin registering its 2,190 defibrillators to a new national database that could improve cardiac arrest survival rates in the UK. It is the biggest single addition of defibrillators to the database so far. The Circuit is a database which aims to map all public access defibrillators, allowing ambulance services to direct bystanders to the nearest registered defibrillator if they see somebody having a cardiac arrest. There are more than 30,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests every year in the UK, but fewer than one in 10 people survive.

Tesco is in the process of registering its defibrillators in stores onto The Circuit and is installing hundreds more so that every Tesco store in the UK will have one. This means that if somebody is having a cardiac arrest in or around a Tesco store, the ambulance service will be able to direct 999 callers to the defibrillator which is registered on the database. You can register your defibrillator via the bhf.org.uk website. (Article taken from BHF website https://www.bhf.org.uk/)


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